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What can online counselling or coaching give you? Why do you look for someone to talk to who will not judge you, or criticize you. We are the listening ear you looking for. Online counseling service that can help you with resolving relationship issues, handle separation anxiety, stress management, anger management, dependency issues, self worth, thought control, guidance, motivation, life coaching, skill for better life.


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Eight Steps to be The Best Version of you Today


a day that will end in contentment  By: Gina, Life Coach | Psychologist


‘Now’ is the only time you have got. Decide to live the present. Even if you had your yesterdays and you may have your tomorrows, if you really look at your life, you always had and will always have only NOW. So decide to live in the Now today.


Start your day with a time of gratefulness. Find 10 things you are grateful about

Give yourself 10 complements that your best version carries.


Go for a walk or do exercise for at least half an hour today, even a nice dance or just jumping and clapping hands. (Pretend you are in a party)

Take time to feel fresh and beautiful. Treat yourself with a good facial, haircare, full body oil massage and a nice hot water bath.


Make sure that your room and home is looking beautiful just like you.

Today is a day to listen to nice music (that will not take you through a memory lane of sorrow!)

Have a nice fragrance of your choice. Smell, Visuals, Voices has power over your mind


Forgive and let go of all those people who have illegally taken up your mind space. They don’t deserve your attention anymore.

Goal setting:

List your main goals for your life and the skills that you need to acquire

Decide on one skill that you will work on this week.

Give your best in your daily work and assigned tasks

# 5 Character and Attitude Pruning:

Spend quality time with your family with no digital or work distractions

Tell at least two people how valuable they are to you

Do an act of kindness by following one simple powerful principle – do to others what you want others to do to you.

# 6 Perspective – Fine tuning:

Allow yourself the freedom to not expect too much in return from others

Give space for others to make errors knowing that you too miss the mark

# 7 More Dopamine : Togetherness

Eat at least one meal together with family around the dining table.

Share stories or encourage the elder to share a story

Laugh and enjoy every moment of having those around you in your life

# 8 Dim the Day in Style

Thankful heart

Re visit the goals set and achieved

Set a goal for next day

Important add-ons :

Make sure that you eat healthy, drink water frequently, and get a good sleep of at least 6 hours

Keep your hands sanitized, wear mask, keep distance if you go out.

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Welcome to New Hope

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In today’s world where there is no one without a trouble, it is hard to find a place and a space to vent out or share our real issues. You have come to the right place where emotions are treated to be positive. Solutions are made available through changes in perception.

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